Social SafeGuard was named one of the Best Places to Work in 2016!

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1 in 14 downloads from social media now contain some type of malware. Are your social media accounts protected?

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Social SafeGuard protects Life Sciences companies against key risk areas such as off-label promotion and adverse events.

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Within the next three years, 33% of all new customers in the Financial Services industry will come via social media, and governing bodies are taking notice.

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How can Social SafeGuard help my company?


Social SafeGuard’s proprietary software platform helps companies:

  • Protect corporate social media pages and individual accounts from malicious threats such as malware, spam, and fraud.
  • Comply with corporate governance standards.
  • Ensure employee compliance through the identification and remediation of all risky posts, files, attachments, and images.
  • Avoid bad press, reputational damage, and brand damage.
  • Protect intellectual property and trade secrets.
  • Ensure compliant archiving in order to:
    • Reduce time for discovery and legal costs.
    • Produce a complete audit trail to demonstrate risk remediation efforts.
  • To easily comply with specific regulatory requirements within industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, and Life Sciences.
  • Keep their employees and organization safe by reducing exposure to fines and penalties caused by regulatory violations.

In 2013, FINRA issued $15.1 million in fines related to electronic communication*, including social media, a 132% increase from 2012 and a 277.5% increase from the start of the decade. Stay in control of your Social Media brand with Social SafeGuard.

Look who has utilized Social SafeGuard:

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Social SafeGuard and DePuy
Social SafeGuard and Janssen
Social SafeGuard and Johnson & Johnson
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Social SafeGuard and TMX

Protect Social Media Assets

Social SafeGuard allows customers to protect their social media assets from security threats such as malware, spam, and phishing. In addition, Social SafeGuard is able to identify rouge social media accounts and take action to shut down any fake accounts.

Customizable Policy Library

Social SafeGuard’s out-of-the-box policy library addresses the global compliance and security needs of a company by immediately activating pre-built policies such as malware detection, inappropriate language/image detection, and any industry-specific requirements as established by regulatory bodies such as FINRA, SEC, FIIEC, IIROC, OIG, and FDA.

Cost Effective

Social SafeGuard™ provides tiered based pricing similar to that of anti-virus. This cost effective security, compliance, and archiving solution creates more room in your budget for social media licenses while easing the concerns surrounding compliance and security.

Available for Immediate Use

Social SafeGuard is a cloud-based product and does not require any software to be installed by the company. Implementing Social SafeGuard is as simple as turning it on which is why the product can be up and running within a company in less than 24 hours.

Social SafeGuard participates in the following industry-related initiatives:

Social SafeGuard Participates in Social Media Compliance Council
Social SafeGuard Participates with DIA