Social SafeGuard powers social media security, social media governance, and protection against digital risks.

Protect your company against the growing risks in social media platforms and across digital channels.

For example, there are new WhatsApp threats exposed that are impacting mobile users globally. 

Know Your WhatsApp and WeChat Risk Today

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Social Landscape: Understand your organization’s social landscape in real-time, across accounts, feeds and profile activity and changes. Automate the social media audit trail and roll-back capability when unauthorized changes are detected.

Malware and Fraud Detection: Social SafeGuard automatically analyzes any URLs present within a post, message, or file attachment to see if it contains any malicious content. If the content is found to be malicious, it will immediately be removed from the platform and placed into quarantine.

Managing Digital & Social Risk: Discover unknown assets like fraudulent corporate or individual accounts, along with the ability to monitor profile content and changes. Remediate the threat by removing fake accounts and automating roll-back on unsanctioned profile modifications across the entire social network.


Out-of-the-box Policies: A complete library of policies can be turned on immediately to address concerns such as inappropriate language, potentially malicious file attachments, personally identifiable information (PII), customer complaints, and inappropriate images. The library includes policies specific to industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, and Life Sciences, combined with key risk factors identified by regulatory bodies.

Customizable Policies: Social SafeGuard can build customized policies not available in the out-of-the-box library. In addition, customers also have the option to use Social SafeGuard’s patented policy engine to create and manage custom policies that are specific to an organization.


Robust Audit and eDiscovery: eDiscovery capabilities provide a quick filter of archived content across accounts and social profiles, complete with advanced, full-text search of message, file and profile-based content. Images and videos are automatically displayed in search and the resulting content can be easily exported for review or documentation.

Retention Management and Legal Holds: An optional capability to enable specific retention requirements is available for designated content, and designated content under one or more legal holds. Enabling customers to customize length of data retention controls unnecessary external storage costs and maintains a cleaner archive of data for audits and eDiscovery.

Thread and Attachment Retention: Social SafeGuard captures all linked web page content, including web page snapshots at the time it was referenced in a social media post. Social SafeGuard also captures the full thread of a message including any file attachments, as well as profile modifications.

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Internal Collaboration Tools


Companies rely heavily on internal collaboration tools in order to share information between employees, identify prospective customers, and cut costs associated with unnecessary meetings and emails. Social SafeGuard works seamlessly with a variety of internal collaboration tools to protect all internal communications from industry-specific and company-specific risk factors.

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Social Media Channels: Pages and Accounts


Leveraging the power of social media to share content and build relationships with new and existing customers is essential in today’s marketplace, however the use of social media is very risky for companies. Social SafeGuard partners with the following social networks to provide complete compliance, security, and archiving to avoid catastrophic mistakes that could lead to breached security and severe damage to any brand:

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Social Media Management Platforms & Content Providers


Social SafeGuard is partner agnostic meaning our compliance, security, and/or archiving solutions can be combined with any content provider or social media management platform. In order to provide our customers with the best in breed social media, compliance, and security solution, Social SafeGuard has partnerships with the following companies:

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