Our Story

OpenQ was founded in 2006 by Jim Zuffoletti and Otavio Freire in order to provide a medical affairs compliance solution. The tool enabled Healthcare and Life Science companies to interact with and manage the relationship of KOLs in a compliant manner.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, current OpenQ customers began to request a solution for social media compliance in addition to the medical affairs compliance solution they were already using. As a result, the OpenQ team developed Social SafeGuard in order to cater to the new need for social media compliance.

Within a year Social SafeGuard came to life in order to enable companies in highly regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare and life sciences, to leverage the power of social media without the risk or penalties of non-compliance.

Today, Social SafeGuard is a well-known compliance player in both the financial service and life science industries. Social media is no longer a trend but rather a compelling reality. It is used both internally for communications and management as well as externally to leverage marketing, research, and sales. The Social SafeGuard team is dedicated to providing the best social media compliance solution possible in order to minimize risk for you and your company.