Social Media Compliance & Security for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Draft guidance published by the FDA has provided Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations with a general idea on how to execute social media and internal collaboration initiatives. As a result, the industry is witnessing a rapid increase of adoption for both internal collaboration tools and external social media platforms, however as a company develops and launches its social media strategy, it is important that they protect themselves from the security and compliance risks that are associated with the use of social media.

Key Regulations:

  • FDA
  • OIG

Key Risk Areas:

  • Off-Label Promotion and Discussions
  • Adverse Event Reporting
  • “Fair Balance” Product Promotion
  • Anti-Kickback Violations
  • Competitor Mentions
  • PII – Personally Identifiable Information
  • PHI – Personal Health Information
  • Security Concerns such as malware and spam.

Key Areas that Social SafeGuard protects:

  • CRM Free Text: Looking to allow sales reps or other employees to enter free-text notes or attachments? Social SafeGuard can unlock this capability by monitoring any object within including standard objects, those generated by partners such as Veeva, as well as any custom object.
  • Call Center: Many adverse events and other key risks are buried in unstructured data generated by call centers and other patient support programs. The risk profile is constantly growing as more data is accumulated however, in the past the approach to these issues has been reactive as opposed to proactive. Social SafeGuard monitors this data in real-time to ensure we remediate these issues as they occur.
  • Internal Collaboration: Social SafeGuard is used in eight of the ten top Healthcare and Life Science organizations to help unlock the use of internal collaboration platforms such as Salesforce or Chatter, Yammer, and IBM Connections.
  • Communities: Social SafeGuard enables Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations to create public and private communities through platforms such as Salesforce Communities and IBM Connections, allowing for collaboration between employees, healthcare professionals, patients and other key personnel.
  • Veeva: As the sole compliance partner for the Veeva CRM, Social SafeGuard is authorized to monitor, archive, and analyze all data on the Veeva Web platform in order to ensure comprehensive regulatory compliance and to remediate any security threats that are detected.
  • External Social Presence: Social SafeGuard can protect both corporate as well as individual social media pages and accounts. It is common for large pharma companies to have multiple social properties for each of their brands which can add up to hundreds of properties —each of which need to be protected and monitored as organizations are responsible for all posted content. In addition, Social SafeGuard is able to identify any rouge social media accounts and executive impersonation accounts that could be damaging the brand. Once these accounts are identified, Social SafeGuard takes action to remove these accounts from the social network immediately.

Social SafeGuard protects Healthcare and Life Sciences companies against key security and compliance risk areas by implementing pre-defined and customized policies that will monitor, remediate, and archive all social media communications. The ability to identify and immediately remediate these risks allows your company to protect the brand reputation, customer information and data, and prevent regulatory fines and sanctions.

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