Defend Your Digital Ecosystem



Take your defense to the next level with Social SafeGuard’s digital risk protection platform. We'll help you defend your business from cyber and employee threats that impact your business and your people. 

Malicious and inadvertant activity occurs within your digital workplace - but protection and management exists outside your firewall. Do you have a purpose-built solution to eliminate your risk?


defend against threats outside your firewall 


Real-time discovery and policy-driven visibility for all social and digital activity, across every channel.

Digital Threat Protection

Automatic detection of loaded URL’s in files or content areas, and in attachments or images with complete 'future-proof' protection.

Risk Mitigation

Manage all threats across the digital ecosystem and eliminate risk based on your expanding footprint.

own your digital and social channels

proactive defense for digital

As your social and digital footprint expands, so does your threat surface. Malware embedded in attachments. Malicious links loaded in social posts. Facebook page defacement. Employee harassment happening across collaboration channels.

Use a Proven Process with Social SafeGuard.


start defending now

social safeguard will have you up and running in less than 24 hours to ramp your defense

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