FAQ – Social Media Policies, Security & Compliance

What is Social SafeGuard?

Social SafeGuard is a comprehensive solution that integrates with a wide variety of social and collaboration networks to Archive, Analyze, and Take Action on any posts made within those networks that are found to represent a potential risk to your organization.  This is accomplished in a very transparent manner, allowing your employees and partners to continue to use those social networks as they would normally.  Whether individuals post via the Web, mobile, or 3rd party apps, Social SafeGuard will collect, archive, and analyze this content against policies you have enabled.

How do I link my social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to Social SafeGuard?

Very easily.  Within Social SafeGuard, you simply specify the account, Page, Company, etc. that you wish to monitor, and Social SafeGuard will take care of the rest by requesting authorization from the account owner.  Note that at no time does this account owner need to login to Social SafeGuard.

What platforms does Social SafeGuard work with?

Social SafeGuard integrates with the following platforms.  Don’t see one that you need?  Give us a call –we are adding to this list all the time and will work to ensure we can extend Social SafeGuard to meet your needs.

  • Facebook (Pages and Individual Accounts)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn (Accounts, Companies, and Sales Navigator)
  • Hootsuite
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Salesforce (Chatter, Communities, and CRM Records)
  • Veeva CRM
  • IBM Connections
  • Yammer

My organization uses Hootsuite –can Social SafeGuard work with Hootsuite?

Absolutely.  Whether you are leveraging Hootsuite Professional or Enterprise versions, the Social SafeGuard app for Hootsuite is available within the Hootsuite App Directory.  This app integrates seamlessly within your Hootsuite dashboard as a stream, and permits you to author and submit content for review in real-time against your Social SafeGuard-enabled policies.  Those messages that are approved can automatically be distributed to your various social networks in Hootsuite as you normally would.

Does Social SafeGuard support file monitoring?

Yes.  In addition to analyzing the content of any post or comment, Social SafeGuard will not only archive but analyze the full text content of any file attached to the post or comment.  Whether an individual attaches a PDF, Word, PowerPoint, or any other type of file, Social SafeGuard will archive and analyze it for potential risk.

How do I add new users to my Social SafeGuard account?

As an administrator within Social SafeGuard, access the “Users” area under the “Security” section of the administration console.  Here you have the ability to create new user accounts for individuals that require access to the Social SafeGuard interface to review content, risks, etc.

Can I use Social SafeGuard to search the entire web?

In addition to monitoring corporate and individual social accounts, Social SafeGuard can search all public posts within various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  This can assist in surfacing posts made about your organization, identifying ‘rogue’ employee accounts, and more.

How does Social SafeGuard help me to be compliant?

Organizations within regulated industries such as Financial Services, Life Sciences, and Healthcare must ensure that they not only possess an archive of their activities in the social realm, but also are able to identify and remediate any posted content that is in violation of industry and/or corporate regulations.  Social SafeGuard provides all of this within a single tool –allowing for both corporate as well as individual employee activity to be monitored across a variety of both external and internal social and collaboration platforms.

All monitored content is housed within a permanent archive that is available for search and export –meeting your audit and e-discovery needs.  This content is additionally analyzed against any policies enabled within Social SafeGuard.  While Social SafeGuard includes a number of policies out-of-the-box (FINRA, HIPAA, SEC, Inappropriate Conduct, etc.), you can adjust these policies as well as easily create your own.  These policies can not only identify risk, but assess its priority based upon a variety of tools that not only assess the content, but the context of the content as well.  And with the ability to take action on any identified risk as well as maintain an audit trail of your remediation activities, you have all the information needed to ensure compliance against applicable regulations.

What is ‘quarantine’?

Social SafeGuard provides the optional ability to remove a post or comment from an affiliated social network if it is found to have been a high risk to your organization.  This act of removing the content, referred to as ‘quarantine’, is an optional action that you can enable within any of your Social SafeGuard policies –or as a moderator in Social SafeGuard, you can perform this action yourself as you review monitored content.  In addition, as a moderator, you have the optional ability to release a message from quarantine, thus re-posting it back to the associated social network.