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Accelerate Digital Risk Mitigation Today.

Your risk footprint is growing exponentially. Do you have visibility into where your risk lies? Are you more at risk with Facebook usage in the workplace, or within unsupervised Slack channels?

Knowing exactly what your risk is, where, and what it means to your organization is essential for any information governance use case. Social SafeGuard enables any customer to demonstrate controls across the digital workplace.

BENEFITS | governance

manage your digital risk in an entirely new way 


eDiscovery for comprehensive, automated inventory of accounts and content assets across digital and social channels.

Policy Management

Policy Management system

Fully customizable policy management for any size business. (Library includes PII, content, regulatory, industry-specific policies)


Archival and information retention tailored to fit legal and regulatory needs for comprehensive compliance.

govern your digital and social channels

and meet your compliance requirements

Social SafeGuard delivers an easy-to-use digital risk mitigation platform that allows organizations to quickly and dynamically identify, assess and mitigate risk across any digital footprint.

All With a Proven Process.


achieve digital risk governance with ease 

don't wait. social safeguard will accelerate your digital risk governance program today.

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