Dynamic Analytics for Digital Risk

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Proactively Manage Digital Risk

Digital risk protection spans cyber and information governance. Social SafeGuard delivers massive-scale analytics so you know your risk and threats across all digital entities in real-time.

Insights from Social SafeGuard leverages machine learning and AI-influenced data to give you a customized lens into threats you face and the risk you manage daily against your always-expanding threat surface.

BENEFITS | insights

digital risk data that drives action 


Analytics for Cyber, Risk, Marketing and HR professionals.

Threats and Risk

Threat intelligence that drives threat remediation and risk reduction.

Actionable Intelligence

Manage all threats across the digital ecosystem and eliminate risk based on your expanding footprint.

own your digital and social channels

proactive defense for digital

Not knowing is not an option. Your business depends on data that you can count on. Social SafeGuard offers unparalleled visibility into the risk that exists outside your firewall, along with external and internal threats.

get unmatched visibility 

social safeguard will have you up and running in less than 24 hours to accelerate

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