Digital Impersonation: The New Frontier in Brand Cyber-warfare

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Creativity is the power that drives innovation. It's too bad it also gives hackers and others with malicious intent a constantly-growing box of tools for encroaching on your digital presence, by utilizing several techniques leveraging your domain name that ultimately affects your brand and your reputation. Looking across our entire customer base, we've found our customers have suffered not 2 or 3, but an average of 61 fraudulent domain and sub-domain encroachments that damage their digital presence. Such high numbers show a concerted and pervasive effort to damage companies and their brands.... Read more »

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CRM Free Text vs. Drop Downs & How to Protect Free Text

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Social media is a tool that is becoming increasingly more important within the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry. Social collaboration works with the line of business, speeds employee engagement and fosters innovation. Within customer relationship management systems (CRMs), there are many features that enable a workforce to be social and collaborate, however there are always compliance concerns surrounding what employees will say within a CRM system that could potentially cause harm to the company in terms of regulatory violations and fines. Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device companies commonly choose to enforce a dropdown approach which prevents free text from being entered into a CRM, however dropdowns provide a false sense of comfort for compliance.  Just because an employee can’t enter information into a CRM system, that doesn’t mean the comment or note isn’t being recorded via another medium that is out of sight of compliance. There are many reasons social CRMs are actually much less risky than dropdowns:... Read more »

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Making WhatsApp Safe Again for Enterprise Adoption

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WhatsApp, the group calling, file sharing and messaging service bought by Facebook for an incredible $19 billion in 2015, has become one of the most popular apps for Android and iPhone users worldwide. More than one-sixth of the world population, some 1.3 billion users, use it to stay in touch with friends and family. It's popular as well in commercial and governmental communications, and has been the go-to platform for many activist groups around the world seeking a secure communication channel.... Read more »

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Media, Politicians and Davos Ensnared in Social Media Security Hack

Posted January 14, 2018 by Jim Zuffoletti & filed under Twitter Cyber Threats, Social Media Security, Digital Risk.

UPDATE: This blog post has been updated to reflect further developments. A hacking group called Ayyildiz Tim from Turkey is raising their profile and they are wreacking havoc in the NGO, Gov't and Media world.  With successful breaches of the head of the World Economic Forum, and Indian Ambassador and 2 top hosts at Fox News the group was able to cause immediate damage. @McAfee_Labs with support from Social SafeGuard has released a research update.   What we know: The brand equity and image of two top brands was damaged The hackers had full account access including direct messages (to and from) for each account The hackers were able to successfully other political figures What's We Can Assume: - Any DM, particularly one with a confidential source is likely to leak in the coming days, including the existence of a source - The accounts were used as a platform to engage in additional account takeovers (ATO), of concern since the two Fox hosts (@Greta Van Susteren and @EricBolling) were both 1 of the fewer than 50 accounts followed by the President. - There are other accounts in both organizations that were compromised.  The fact that two different professionals in the same company were compromised suggests the exploit came in through email and hoped to social.                                                 Information Security professionals can protecting against this exposure by securing the accounts (posts and profiles) of high profile executives in their organization.  ... Read more »

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Social Media Security : Black Hat SEO in Social: Fake Pages Used to Drive Traffic Away from Facebook Brand Pages

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The desire to appear at the top of a search engine results page gave birth to the entire practice of search engine optimization (SEO) beginning around 1991. Google's SEO guidelines soon became the de facto rules webmasters use to provide a “good user experience” to people searching for information. Unfortunately, some of those very same SEO guidelines are being used to poison Google search results and damage social media pages. Now, because social platforms have become such primary sources of information, hackers have shifted their attention to the users of social media and are using black hat SEO techniques to target users in yet another effort to deceive, damage and steal from people and companies.... Read more »

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Your Company's Social and Digital Presence: Discover Everything. The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

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Whether you want to admit it or not...and whether you want to see it all or not...there are known and unknown components across the social media landscape that every company has to deal with. ... Read more »

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More Twitter Accounts Hacked

ABC News, Good Morning America, HBO, Senator Ted Cruz, Mark Zuckerburg, CEO's of Uber, Zendesk, Oculus, Spotify, Twitter and dozens of C-suite executives along with now-deceased Beatle George Harrison and NASA's Kepler space telescope. What do these people, companies, top executives and space telescopes have in common? They've all had their Twitter accounts hacked. [1]... Read more »

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Welcome our new Advisory Board Members!

Posted November 30, 2017 by Otavio Freire & filed under Social SafeGuard, Cisco, Advisory Board, McAfee, F-Secure.

Social SafeGuard is transforming the way organizations can protect themselves from the mounting risk posed by digital channels across the enterprise, and within small to mid-sized business globally.... Read more »

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Discovering your Digital and Social Media Landscape: Are you Aware of your Company’s Presence?

Posted November 16, 2017 by Social SafeGuard & filed under Life Sciences, Financial Services, Social Media Security.

All companies have a known and unknown social media presence whether they are aware of it or not. The large majority of companies have corporate social media accounts that they own and operate, however in addition they have a variety of other accounts that they may not know about. These unknown accounts can include impersonation accounts, brand smashing accounts, or employees using social media on behalf of the company without the company’s knowledge. Our DAST (Discover, Analyze, Secure, Test) process ensures that you will start to secure your digital footprint. The first step is Discover: There are three steps every company should take in order to identify, discover, and control their digital and social media landscape:... Read more »

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Do You Know How Your Employees Are Communicating in the Workplace?

Posted September 18, 2017 by Jim Zuffoletti & filed under Blog, Jim Zuffoletti, Social Media Security, Social SafeGuard.

If you’re reading the latest news, the newest frontier for sexual harassment risk is in social media. It’s a particularly sensitive subject, however, the usage of readily-available, and instantaneous technology make potentially combustible conversations and content on social media more accessible and easier to carry out.... Read more »

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