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Malicious Content Detection

Detects malicious links including malware, spam, and phishing within a social media post, file, message, or attachment.

Image Analysis

Identify, analyze, and remediate inappropriate or otherwise adult image content.

Social Landscape Discovery

Conduct a social media audit in order identify and surface the potentially suspicious social accounts that are either malicious (e.g. fake/fraudulent) or non-malicious (e.g. previously unknown employee accounts) in order to discover the social landscape of any company or organization.

Take Action on Accounts

Once an account has been confirmed as unauthorized, automatically issue a take-down request or Social SafeGuard monitoring.

Automated Confirmation

No need to spend time checking whether an account is removed or a monitoring request accepted. Social SafeGuard will send an automatic notification when any requested actions have been completed on suspicious assets.

Comprehensive Archive

Maintain a complete record of all content for as long as you need it. This includes posts, comments, private messages, files, images, videos, and even both the content and screenshots of any 3rd party Web pages referenced in those posts.


Complete archive of all monitored content as well as robust search options (including full-text search) to satisfy your eDiscovery needs.

Retention Management

Easily configure how long you wish to retain certain content to control unnecessary costs associated with data storage and maintain a cleaner archive of data (assisting with audits and eDiscovery). Need to create exceptions to your retention rules? Place any content under legal hold to retain until a specified date – or indefinitely.


All of your content is encrypted for privacy and security, and maintained in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) that meets the security needs of even the most highly regulated organizations.

WORM-Compliant Storage

Ensures your data is stored in an unalterable format, satisfying key recordkeeping requirements such as SEC 17a-4.


Patented Risk Remediation

Highly flexible policy engine that provides a wide variety of rules, including text, pattern matching, contextual and image analysis, and much more. Additionally supports the analysis of any attached file or linked 3rd party Web page.

Comprehensive Coverage

Deep integration with any external social media platform or application allows companies to monitor and remediate risk factors across all platforms, instantaneously.

Out-of-the-Box Policies

Comprehensive library of policy templates to choose from, including FINRA, FFIEC, SEC, HIPAA, FDA, IIROC, FCA, and more.

Customizable Policies

Customizable policies allow a high level of flexibility to detect and remediate company-specific risk factors. Users have the ability to configure custom policies using Social SafeGuard’s intuitive policy designer.

Multi-Language Support

Allows companies to utilize Social SafeGuard globally by detecting risks in any language.

Hyperlink Capture

As third-party Web pages are referenced or linked in posts and comments, content can be captured for both analysis and eDiscovery purposes.  In addition, Social SafeGuard can capture a screenshot of the Web page in order to provide a complete view of the Web page at the time it was linked.

FINRA Compliance

Use Social SafeGuard’s hyperlink capture capabilities to comply with FINRA Regulatory Notice 11-39, which states that financial services firms must monitor not just what employees and advisors are posting in their comments, but also the content of any third party sites they reference.


Optionally remove high risk content from a network in order to avoid fines and legal repercussions.

Audit Trail

Complete audit trail of remediation activities and actions.


Transparent Monitoring

Allows users to leverage social networks and/or third party apps as they normally would – eliminating any potential adoption issues.

Internal Collaboration Integrations

Complete support for major internal collaboration platforms such as Salesforce (Chatter, Communities, CRM), Yammer, and IBM Connections.

External Social Media Integrations

Deep integration with external social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Plus.

LinkedIn Compliance Partner

As a LinkedIn Compliance Partner, Social SafeGuard is authorized to archive LinkedIn content to ensure compliant risk management for companies, as well as access content such as profile information and private messages (including LinkedIn Sales Navigator content).

Rapid Implementation

Available in 24 Hours! Need it fast? Give us a call - we can have you up and running same day!

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